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Last Night's Dinner & Silent Auction Was Great!!!


The dinner & silent auction last night was totally AWESOME! It was everything I hoped for and more. I had the best time EVER! I got to hang with my friends, dance all night, draw the raffle prizes, get an amazing hat, see people I know and meet new people, get a sparkly cake with unicorns, and I even got to go see the Oxford firefighters next door. Words can’t even describe how grand last night was! I would like to thank Mrs Kaether, the other people who helped make last night possible and also all of the people who came to support me.



My 11th Birthday!!!!

Robert Irvine Auto.JPG

Sawubona !   Yesterday was my birthday!  It was the BEST birthday ever! I got a signed cookbook from Robert Irvine from my friends mr.

Thank You Rebecca!!!

Awesome Snowmen




I would like to thank a very kind girl by the name of Rebecca Riddle. She made these really cute snowman and sold them to help raise money.

They are so adorable and I hope to get a few myself. I hope to get to meet Rebecca soon and can’t wait to do so.

Thank you Rebecca!!!



Happy New Year!!!

Aloha! I had a great New Year's Eve. I went to my grandmas house and helped her cook new year’s dinner. When me and my grandma where done she taught me how to knit, I am making a scarf. My family ate Lobsters, salad, and stuffing. Then they ate my delicious brownies with sprinkles. I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2014!


Thank You To The Quaker Farms Fire Department

Chelsea and Santa's Present

Bonjour. I really want to thank everyone at the Quaker Farms fire department. Every year the fire department brings Santa around in a fire truck and throws popcorn balls to the kids of Oxford. (Click Read More to see the entire entry)

Happy Holidays From Chelly

Chelsea On The Stairs

Hello. Who is super excited for Christmas like me??? I just wanted to say thank you for being so generous and donating and also reading my blogs. I will definitely write about Christmas and New Years. I wish you and your family my best wishes and happy holiday. See you soon.



My Day With CNN


Hey! Today was fun for me. First CNN came to our house, to my school, my doctor’s office and back to my house.  They were with us all day. I met an awesome guy named Frederik Pleitgen, he taught me all about different places he has been to. I learned about Germany where he lives, Syria, Lebanon and, Czech. He went to all of those places and more. Amazing huh. Well I was fascinated. It was also elf day at my school. Then my awesome friend, Mrs Fernandes got me awesome pajamas with unicorns!


Xoxxoxoxoxo- chelsea :)

My Day at the Tree Farm

Hi! On Saturday I visited a tree farm with family and friends.

While there I climbed a big hill. I wrote a story about it for a school project today. So I thought you could check it out, so here it is:

I hiked down the Christmas tree farm hill. Tripping on stumps and thorns as I walked.

We came to a stop where Mrs. & Mr. Dolan found the perfect tree.

“Ooohhh!” Kaylee squeals in excitement. “It’s perfect!”

Mr. Dolan starts cutting the tree. Then I see it, a huge hill, so big I saw it as a mountain. It seemed a hundred miles away even though it was fairly close.   

“Can we go hike up that mountain?” I asked Mrs. Dolan.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hey. Did any one else love the Macys day parade? It was awesome, did you see the new floats! I love Thanksgiving! It’s a wonderful day to be with your family. We also celebrate my sisters’ birthdays on Thanksgiving. Their birthdays are so close together, it’s so much family fun. Does any one else have fun family traditions that you do on Thanksgiving? I think Thanksgiving is a great holiday even though you don’t get presents! Well happy day late Thanksgiving! Xoxoxoxoxoxo-chelsea :)

Hi I’m Chelsea Wheeler...

If your at this website you probably already know about me. So no need to explain about my medical life.

But here are some details about me and my favorite things.

Animals: I love unicorns, I also love cows.

Food: I can’t eat anything but clear fluids and hard candy, but I like: Lollipops, candy canes, butter scotches, Italian ice and, freezer pops.

Favorite colors: yellow and purple.

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