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Thank you to the Gourley Family and Assumption School Service Council


We want to say a big thank you to The Gourley family for coordinating a bake sale with the Assumption School Service Council last week in Fairfield. Love the attention to all the things Chelsea likes, baking and the color purple!!  Attached are pictures from the event.  

A Big Update on Chelsea's Status

Well, after just over a year and a half on the organ transplant list, Chelsea has been changed to a Status 1. 

We are currently working on getting everything in order for Chelsea and the rest of the family, for when the call comes.

We are all happy, but also nervous and worried now that the time is near.

Our family has been so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to be there to help in so many ways during her journey and we just ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers that this next stage is a successful one.

The Wheeler Family

Chelsea's Update On Life....


Sorry I have not been doing more of these lately, but I have been in and out of the hospital a lot lately. I have had several surgeries in the last few months also. I also recently went to the Hole In the Wall Gang Camp for a family weekend and it was so much fun. We went trick or treating and had great family pals. I cannot wait until Christmas; it is one of my favorite holidays ever. I am already starting to make gifts and decorate. I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving and awesome Christmas.

xoxoxoxxo - Chelsea 

Oxford Town Tree Lighting

Last night at the Oxford Town Hall, the Tree Lighting was a great event.

It was great to see so much of the community come together to celebrate the holiday season.

People were so generous with their contributions to the Giving Tree setup in honor of Chelsea.  We truly appreciated everyone's generosity  and well wishes at the event.  It was great to see Chelsea there enjoying the night with her friends and for her to see how many people came out to support her.

We will soon be posting pictures of the beautiful Giving Tree and the evening.

Surgery on Wednesday

Chelsea's surgery went well yesterday.  Her central line was starting to negatively affect her breathing. They were able to put a new central line in the same place, which was very beneficial.  

She was able to come home the same day to be home for Thanksgiving, which we are very thankful for. 

Thank you for visiting Chelsea's website..

This website is for our daughter Chelsea Wheeler.  She is a vibrant 10 year old girl who really knows how to appreciate the little things in life...

Chelsea has been diagnosed with pseudo obstruction, which has caused her to go into irreversible intestinal failure.  Due to this condition, she is in need of a life saving small bowel transplant.

Please come back to visit her site for updated activities and events, blog entries from Chelsea as well as new pictures and videos. 

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